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10 Top Summer Car Care Tips if You Live in Edmonton

10 Top Summer Car Care Tips if You Live in Edmonton

It seems, winter always gets all the focus in Canada. Don't ignore these summer car care tips if you want to enjoy the summer months in Edmonton too.

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While Summer is a welcome sight for most people living in the Edmonton area, it can also come with a unique set of challenges.

After all, during the summer, temperatures can get as high as 35?. That kind of heat may be something many vehicles are ill-prepared for.

If you own a car and live in Edmonton, there are some maintenance practices you can employ to get the most out of your vehicle during the warm season. Our team at Car Corner have compiled a list of our top 10 summer car care tips so you can beat the heat!

1) Make Sure Your Windshield Wipers Are in Good Shape

While summer means warmth, it can also bring with it the occasional afternoon thunderstorm. Bad wipers can impede your vision by leaving streaks across your front windshield.

To ensure that every drive you take is a safe one, it's important to check and see if your wipers are in adequate condition.

Remember, the summer heat can put additional strain on some of the rubber components your wipers use to clear your windows. So even if your wipers seemed to be okay during the spring, it's worth having them checked out when the summer starts.

2) Make Sure Your Coolant Is Topped Off

Your car's coolant is paramount to its ability to give you cold air from your AC on a hot summer day. It's also vital to your car's ability to keep its engine from overheating.

Be sure to check the coolant levels in your car before the hot weather rolls in. If you feel uneasy about this, have a professional look it over.

3) Make Sure Your Windshield Is Safe

When it's cold out, people in the Edmonton area may spend a lot of time scraping ice from their windshield and windows. While this improves visibility, it can also be a liability to the integrity of your windshield.

Ice being scraped across your windshield's glass can cause scrapes and chips which can later expand into full-blown cracks. If you notice any such cracking, get it repaired immediately before the problem exacerbates.

4) Check for Issues on Your Car's Body

Salt erosion can cause your car's body's paint to come apart. Chipped areas in your car's body promote additional chipping.

To put a stop to this, inspect your car closely for any areas that may need your attention. Washing your car carefully and applying a coat of protective wax can help to curb the rate in which your paint deteriorates. It also has the added benefit of keeping your car looking good all summer long.

5) Inspect Your Tires

If you were using winter tires to get you through cold weather, it's time to swap them out! You can do this yourself or have a local car professional do the job quickly and effectively.

Given that your summer tires have been in storage, it's important to make sure that they're ready to provide you with a safe summer driving experience. Once your tires are on, make sure they're capable of taking in the amount of air the manufacturer recommends.

If a few hours after filling your tires you notice that they seem to be losing air, you may have a hole you need to get patched. Note that not all holes can be patched depending on their severity and location.

Also note that if your tire's treads seem well worn, continuing to drive on them can present safety issues.

6) Run a General Fluid Check

This is good practice for any time of the year but be sure that all essential fluids are topped off.

Fluids to check include windshield wiper fluids, power steering, beak fluids and oil.

Having inadequate fluid levels can cause unexpected breakdowns and lead to dangerous conditions. Save yourself a headache and make sure you're topped off before hitting the road!

7) Make Sure Your Car's Air Filter Is Clean

Your car's air filter works overtime during the cold season dealing with airborne issues like dirt, decomposing vegetation and more. To make sure that your car's cabin is getting good quality air, you'll want to remove and clean out your air filter.

If your air filter needs help beyond a general cleaning, replacing it is a good idea!

8) Invest in a Sunshade

Having your car parked in the sun can cause damage to your windshield, car's interior and make the inside of your car very hot. Doing something as simple as putting a reflective sunshade on your windshield can prevent those effects.

Sunshades are generally cheap and given the benefits they provide, are well worth the investment!

9) Ensure Your Breaks Are in Good Condition

Always check the integrity of your breaks.

Brake pads can get worn during the winter and if you're driving a lot later during the summer, can be unsafe. Easy ways to deduce if your breaks may need attention include your brake pedal not responding well and your breaks making noises whenever they're engaged.

If you notice anything wrong with your breaks, take your car to a professional immediately to have the issue diagnosed and fixed.

10) Keep Your Battery Efficient

Heat puts additional pressure on your car's battery. That's because the chemicals in your battery that keep your car moving react to high temperatures and decrease their overall life.

To help with this effect, make sure your battery runs efficiently by cleaning its terminals regularly. Before cleaning your battery's terminals, it's important to make sure that it's fully disconnected and dismounted from your car.

Summarizing Edmonton Summer Car Care Tips

If you live in Edmonton, it's important to set your car up for success this summer by implementing basic car care strategies. Leveraging the car care tips listed above will increase your vehicle's overall lifespan. It will also ensure every drive you take this summer is 100% safe and enjoyable!

Whether you're in Edmonton, Calgary or another city in Alberta, there are some summers where you're less inclined to maintain your old vehicle and more inclined to trade up.

To that end, Car Corner has you covered.

At Car Corner, we offer high-quality pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices. Our vehicles are fully checked by our staff of experts and are summer ready.

We've helped thousands of customers find the perfect car to fit their unique needs. Let us help you!

Check out our inventory at Car Corner today.

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