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9 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Used Truck

What To Ask Before Buying Used Trucks in Edmonton

Are you in the market for a used truck? Before shopping for used trucks in Edmonton, read this list of 9 questions you should ask before you purchase.

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If you are looking for good, used trucks in Edmonton, you have a couple of options. You can check out used car and truck dealers. Or, you can seek out private sellers.

According to autoTRADER, about 4.7 million vehicles are sold each year in Canada. In 2016, approximately 60 percent of those purchases were used vehicles, and 40 percent new. And just trivia's sake, there are roughly 25 million vehicles on the road today in Canada.

When looking for used trucks in Edmonton or anywhere else in British Columbia, you have much to choose from.

Dealerships vs. Private Sellers

When buying from a dealer, you won't find much information other than the Carproof vehicle history report. You may be able to have a mechanic inspect it as well, but that is about it.

Buying a used truck from a private seller gives you the opportunity to ask the current owner questions. You still have the vehicle history report. You also have the chance to find out why the seller wants to sell it.

The following are nine questions you may want to ask when shopping for used trucks in Edmonton.

1. What is the Truck's Maintenance History?

There is a vast difference between servicing a truck at a dealership, independent mechanic, and a mechanic who works out of his home. The latter, of course, isn't affiliated with a garage at all. You should find out which of the three serviced the truck during its past ownership.

Also, ask if the owner kept up with the maintenance. Hopefully, the answer will be a confident "yes." Sometimes, a seller will even refer you to the mechanic who has maintained the truck.

2. Are Service and Maintenance Records Available?

The current owner will hopefully have the maintenance records. If the owner kept records, he or she should have them gathered and ready for you to see. Keeping records also means that he or she probably serviced the truck regularly.

3. Has the Truck Been in Any Accidents?

Reported accidents appear on a vehicle history report. Other small accidents, such as the owner backing into a tree on a foggy day, don't get officially reported.

Sometimes even reported accidents don't capture all the details. If you are looking for used trucks in Edmonton at dealerships only, you will have to rely on the vehicle history report. The report will list only brief details about the accident.

Though, if you are shopping private sellers, you can ask more detailed questions. For example, you can ask about the extent of the damage. Or which garage performed the work.

4. Which Features Don't Work?

Older trucks more often than not have issues. Some features in the car no longer work. Or, they may no longer work as they are supposed to. Some may be minor. Other problems may dissuade you from purchasing the truck.

For example, if the CD player sometimes holds CDs hostage, you may not care.

A poor air conditioner, on the other hand, is a more expensive (and uncomfortable) inconvenience to fix down the line. That may be on the unacceptable list.

5. What is the Truck's Ownership History?

A dealer will have the Carproof vehicle history report for you. Though that means both the dealer and you have just the same amount of information regarding the truck's history.

A private seller should have more information. If the current owner has only owned the truck for a short time, that may be a red flag. What you are looking for is a seller who has owned the truck for several years.

Finding the original older is ideal. In fact, you can use the keywords "original owner" in your search for used trucks in Edmonton.

6. Why are You Selling the Truck?

This is a fairly predictable question. Private sellers will anticipate this and have an answer. On your part, use your best judgment to decide whether the seller's reply is sincere.

Go with your instincts if you feel you are being told a tall tale. If the seller's reasons seem sketchy to you, they probably are.

7. How Did You Go About Setting This Price?

Once you know you're interested in buying the truck, ask the seller how he or she priced it. Sometimes they just pick a price out of the air. Other times, they refer to a standard pricing guide.

Hopefully, you priced the truck ahead of time as well, based on the knowledge you had before seeing the truck in person. You can always check again after looking at the truck and interviewing the owner.

In addition, you can call up the vehicle history for yourself on the Carproof website. You need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to do that.

8. May I Take the Truck to My Mechanic for Inspection?

Most reputable buyers won't refuse this request. This includes used car dealers. If a private seller hesitates or starts making excuses, take that as a red flag.

There are certainly more used trucks in Edmonton to see.

9. Does the Owner Have the Title in Hand?

Sometimes, the owner may not know where the title is. Or the seller may have an outstanding loan on the truck and doesn't have the title.

You can work through these problems, but asking earlier rather than later can help you decide if the truck is worth the extra time (and possibly hassle) it will take to get the title.

Finding Used Trucks in Edmonton

If you have read this far, then you are somewhere in the process of buying a used truck. Perhaps you have purchased pre-owned vehicles in the past and were satisfied with the results. Even if you have never purchased a used vehicle before, it's still a wise move.

Cars and trucks are fairly reliable. Which means buying one that is a couple of years old will work out well. Many times, the used vehicle still carries a portion of the factory warranty with it as well.

If you are ready to look at used trucks in Edmonton, please come by or contact us to set up an appointment.

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