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7 Signs of Quality Used Car Dealerships in Edmonton

7 Signs of Quality Used Car Dealerships in Edmonton

Unfortunately, not all used car dealerships in Edmonton are created equal. To make sure you won't end up with a lemon, look for these 7 signs of quality.

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Used car dealerships often get a bad rap, as many are notorious for selling low-quality cars, pressuring buyers with their sales tactics, and predatory high-risk financing. Luckily, not all dealerships are all bad when it comes to selling used cars.

The main issue with used car dealerships is there are many concerns when it comes to purchasing used cars, creating problems for the dealers. The best dealerships know to fix any problems the car may have before reselling, while still being able to turn a profit.

The very best used car dealerships in Edmonton have many traits that they share. If you want to make the best out of either buying or selling a used car, it is best to find the dealerships that reflect these qualities.

Here are 7 signs of the best quality used car dealerships in Edmonton.

1. High-Quality Inventory

The very best dealerships know that only the highest quality of cars have an ability to be resold to make a profit. Older, more worn down cars are much less likely to come off the sale block and will be very difficult to sell.

Only low-quality dealerships will take risks on cars that will likely never be sold and have a lot of work to be done. Seeing higher quality cars means that the cars are much more likely to be sold and you will not see as much pressure being put on buyers to buy these low-quality cars.

If you truly want to find a high-quality dealership, look for high-quality cars. This dealership is one that will not be desperate to sell and will look to find only the very best for its customers.

2. Lack of a Shop

Though the presence of a shop may seem like a logically good feature for any used car dealerships in Edmonton, it may give a bad signal. You may think that having a shop to fix any problems that cars may have would be good for a dealership, but there are concerns that a shop may bring.

Though having a shop on site may be a good idea, not having a shop can be very beneficial for used car buyers. That is simply because used car dealerships with no shops will usually bring their cars to name-brand dealership repair shops, which give off the best parts and best repair.

This does mean, though, that these used cars will usually turn out to be more expensive. Luckily, though, the repairs and maintenance will be of a more trustworthy quality.

3. Warranties

Any used car dealership that offers warranties is usually one that you want to work with. Though the warranty cannot compare with the warranties given out to new cars, any warranty will help the buyer in the long term.

Be sure to pay attention to the dealership's response to warranties. If the approach by the dealership is positive, then warranties, and broken down vehicles, will not be an issue. If the approach is negative or cautious, or they try to offer you a third-party warranty, you may want to go elsewhere with your business.

4. Open Recalls

An important question to ask any dealership is how they react to selling a vehicle with an open recall. The way you should think about this is: "If they're willing to sell me a potentially dangerous vehicle, what else are they willing to do?"

Make sure to be knowledgeable about which cars may have open recalls at the moment. You can do this by entering the VIN into this website, in order to ensure that the used vehicle you buy will be safe for you and your family.

5. Good Ratings

Obviously, customer feedback is one of the most obvious ways to know if your experience at a used car dealership will be positive. Be attentive to see if the reviews of any dealership give off signs of unfriendly service or an intense pressure to buy.

Be sure to go on any review website, from Yelp to Angie's list, so see which are the best used car dealerships in the area. There will be fair and honest commentary on pricing and on customer service. You will be able to identify where you should take your business and the quality of the vehicles available.

6. Cooperative With Inspections

As a buyer, you have every right to an inspection on a vehicle before you buy it. If any dealership is uncooperative with a professional inspection or does not allow it, they may be trying to hide a fault in the car. That is the time you should walk away.

The best used car dealerships in Edmonton will be cooperative with outside inspections and will encourage them. You should make sure to go with the dealers that are looking to make a legitimate, honest sale that will leave both parties happy.

7. Having the Title

Before putting any dollar down on a used car, make sure the used car dealership has the title of the car. Unfortunately, many buyers have been tricked by used car dealerships that promise car titles without really having them available.

A quality used car dealership will have the title available and will be ready to show it to you. If you are ready to buy a car, you will want to make sure the title is ready to be given to you. That way, you won't have to enter any legal issues if the dealership goes bankrupt and fails to provide you the title.

Finding the Best Used Car Dealerships in Edmonton

If you're looking for a used car, Car Corner Edmonton may be the answer for you. With an extensive inventory of used vehicles, great financing options, and any warranties you may need, you can trust that Car Corner is among the best dealerships in the area.

For any questions about purchasing a used car, financing options, or any other questions you may have, be sure to contact us for all your concerns. We would be happy to provide you the support you may need to find you the used car that you need to get you back on the road!

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